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Gold Coast & Brisbane foodies can check out my dedicated food photography site for my latest blog food shoot news, food trends, recipes and other time-sapping wonderment.

The latest news is that I’ve been short-listed for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards! Regarded by many as the most prestigious of international food photography awards, I’m very flattered just to have made it this far. Here’s a direct link to the article…   🙂


Food photography for Pink Pitaya, Gold Coast

The photography business has gotten off to a great start for 2016 – a good sign for business in the Gold Coast/Brisbane region.
I’ve been shooting a lot of food lately, hence the silence on this blog! You can read about these shoots on my independent food photography site here.
One recent shoot was for Pink Pitaya, a Gold Coast company supplying pitaya (AKA: dragonfruit) to cafes, restaurants and health food stores in the region.

Preview of the shoot can be seen below…

A healthy pitaya (dragonfruit) smoothie sitting on a black slate tabletop, with raw dragonfruit in the background, out of focus. Photographed by Gold Coast Food Photographer, Paul Williams.A healthy pitaya (dragonfruit) smoothie sitting on a white timber tabletop, with a long silver spoon in the background, out of focus. Photographed by Gold Coast Food Photographer, Paul Williams.

A behind-the-scenes of the lighting setup on a food photography shoot by Gold Coast Food Photographer, Paul Williams. A healthy pitaya (dragonfruit) smoothie can be seen on the tabletop.

Behind the scenes…

Food shoot madness at Paul Williams Photography!

It’s been a long time since I posted here on the blog for Paul Williams Photography. The Gold Coast and Brisbane have been busy places of late – plenty of shoots, which is great! Most of what has kept me busy has been food photography which has also seen me pick up a few new clients as a result of our maiden food shoots together, including the Zarraffa’s Coffee account. Good times.

Some of these photo shoots you can read about over at my dedicated food photography site at www.GoldCoastFoodPhotography.com. The direct link to the blog is here.

The Gold Coast Food Photography home page
A lot of great food photography work has also been shot lately with Gold Coast food stylist, Pete May, who brings an enormous amount to each shoot for my f&b clients. You can read a little more about our food photography exploits here.

A proper blog article will be tapped-out as soon as I come up for air with my current shoots and digital retouching deadlines! Until the next!