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The rebranding of Paul Williams Photography



Here is my new logo to freshen up the old logo that was designed in 2004, when I first started shooting professionally. It was definitely time for a freshen-up!

The original logo was inspired by the grungy film edge patterns and textures that were popular at the time in design. It served it’s purpose as a young and slightly edgy identity, but the 3 words needed to be ‘stacked’ when using the logo at a small size, in order to remain legible. I never really liked the stacked version of this elongated logo, plus the relevance of the film that I used to shoot on is now redundant.

The new logo is a typographic solution which is much more elegant. The typography is fully custom, with some interesting character to the ascenders, descenders and the a’s. The root typeface was a serif, which I decided to subtly morph into a sans serif top half for the characters. This more traditional-style serif font is a subtle nod to the start of my career (shooting on traditional film), before the characters grow upwards and modernise into a sans serif typeface.

Have I lost everyone other than the Graphic Designers by now?! Anyone…? Anyone…?
* crickets chirping *   😉

Keeping lower case for the p and w solved the problem of balancing particularly the p, which is one of the most troublesome characters to work into typography.

All in all, I think this is a really nicely balanced logo and the design process was a highly gratifying task that I’d put off for too long! Onwards and upwards!

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