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Bone-A-Fide product photography!

An image of 4 bottles of dog shampoo against a white background
Here’s a product photographed recently for a brand new Gold Coast business that’s taking a much more contemporary approach to their packaging design.
Steering away from the ubiquitous dog cartoons and other common market clichés for their brand, ‘Bone-A-Fide’ are supplying a more sophisticated market of dog owners – who are known to spend more on their dog’s grooming products than their own!

Past experience has also taught this client that getting products shot professionally yields more professional looking marketing and higher sales figures as a result. Taking advantage of the fact that the majority of Queensland businesses have (somehow) not figured this out, ‘Bone-A-Fide’ are well-positioned to take advantage of these benefits that their competitors are missing – and the time that this saves them getting established in the market.

If you’re on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, contact me to ensure your product looks as good as it needs to for business success. Let’s discuss your product photography needs and turn some heads!


An image of 4 dog brushes in their packaging, sitting against a white background


An image of a dog deodoriser spray bottle, sitting against a white background.

This product was also shot in incremental 360º to create a groovy rotating animation to showcase all sides of the bottle. You can see it on any of my social media pages (links to which are at the top right corner of most pages on this site).

Product photography advice for online Gold Coast/Brisbane retailers

Images of workwear trousers from multiple angles, photographed against a pure white background.


A few weeks back I met with a Gold Coast business which had recently been through several product photographers while shooting products for their online store.
They weren’t satisfied with the colour accuracy and a few other aspects of their existing content so needed a new photographer.

Step one was ascertaining WHY the product colours weren’t accurate and was solved with my first question; ‘Did they shoot with a colour card’? The answer was ‘no’.
Whether photographing product, food, people, architecture – a reference shot with a colour card is needed to calibrate accurate image colour hues for the post-production part to come. Without it, you’re just ‘eye-balling it’ and relying on memory.

This client’s site is a great example of how to differentiate your brand by auditing your competitors. They noticed that none of their competitors used product photos that show all angles of the workwear clothing. Simply by investing a little more time and money into their product photography, they now have a USP for their customers – who know exactly what they’re getting. This gives the customer ‘buyer assurance’ and the sales figures have reflected the worth of this investment accordingly. Pretty simple stuff that’s overlooked by a surprising amount of online retailers that’s a surefire route to growing their online store sales.

If you need help marketing your online business with strong product photography and you’re in the Gold Coast/Brisbane region, do feel free to contact me for a free consultation.


Images of ladies (purple and beige) workwear boots from multiple angles, photographed against a pure white background.