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Lifestyle photography for Brisbane’s Harbour Day Spa

A few weeks back, Harbour Day Spa in Brisbane’s Cleveland area were looking for a lifestyle photographer to refresh their image content, having just been voted the #1 day spa in Australia. I got the call, having already shot a really nice lifestyle campaign for their offshoot brand, The Harbour Barber.

Tracey, Lea, Tash and the rest of the team are such lovely clients and the spa is of course an extremely relaxing environment to be in – even when you’re working! The shoot was excellent, with a range of quality people, interiors and product photography shot to refresh their brand’s image content for the coming year.

The thing I like most about this client, is the fact that they truly ‘get’ branding. They understand that you need an actual commercial photographer to shoot your image content for you (not a cowboy with a camera) and that Instagram is not a replacement for this need. They keep their image content updated and delegate their creative to photographers and designers who develop and execute strategically, as opposed to banging out flyers and fixing crap photography with HDR and other filters in Photoshop.

Photographer preferences aside, they also really know their business. After getting my hair cut there, you could have stood me in the sun and set your watch to my shadow. Great stuff!   🙂


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