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The rebranding of Paul Williams Photography



Here is my new logo to freshen up the old logo that was designed in 2004, when I first started shooting professionally. It was definitely time for a freshen-up!

The original logo was inspired by the grungy film edge patterns and textures that were popular at the time in design. It served it’s purpose as a young and slightly edgy identity, but the 3 words needed to be ‘stacked’ when using the logo at a small size, in order to remain legible. I never really liked the stacked version of this elongated logo, plus the relevance of the film that I used to shoot on is now redundant.

The new logo is a typographic solution which is much more elegant. The typography is fully custom, with some interesting character to the ascenders, descenders and the a’s. The root typeface was a serif, which I decided to subtly morph into a sans serif top half for the characters. This more traditional-style serif font is a subtle nod to the start of my career (shooting on traditional film), before the characters grow upwards and modernise into a sans serif typeface.

Have I lost everyone other than the Graphic Designers by now?! Anyone…? Anyone…?
* crickets chirping *   😉

Keeping lower case for the p and w solved the problem of balancing particularly the p, which is one of the most troublesome characters to work into typography.

All in all, I think this is a really nicely balanced logo and the design process was a highly gratifying task that I’d put off for too long! Onwards and upwards!

Album cover shoot for Lauren Lane (Gold Coast)

Gold Coast musician, Lauren Lane, By Photographer Paul Williams



Two weeks ago I shot the new album cover for Lauren Lane – a young Gold Coast country/folk singer-songwriter.
Her upcoming album title is ‘In my head’, so I wanted the shot to reflect an intimacy that is fitting for this very personal collection of songs. By posing Lauren with an old suitcase of keepsakes and unspecified treasures, this shot becomes a nice visual representation of the emotions and experiences that Lauren’s expressing lyrically on the album.

Lauren was really supportive of the art direction and was fantastic to work with. She took direction well and managed some challenging poses like a pro! I must also thank Kristen Wyborn for doing such a great job with the hair & makeup. Kristen airbrushed Lauren’s makeup for the shoot, in order to avoid using oil-based makeup with a shine to it and the results held up great for the duration of the shoot, which was excellent.

This album cover shot was a very ambitious 5 light setup that needed to be nailed and balanced throughout. From the window light cast across the back wall (all done in-studio), to controlling the spill from the kicker flash placed in the suitcase, this is a shot that I’m really proud of. Most importantly, the client is beside herself with the shots, so check out Lauren’s music HERE and support a young Australian’s music once ‘In my head’ is released!

Gold Coast musician, Lauren Lane, By Photographer Paul Williams

Photo shoot for Government ministry

Brochure samples arrived in the mail last week from my client, who I shot the below job for.
I was shooting for a great Singapore design agency named DPI and their client was the Ministry of Social & Family Development.

Shoot day threw me a few curve balls when the Art Director was unable to attend and I was asked to art direct the shoot myself (which is no problem – my comfort in doing exactly this, is why many of my clients hire me). The curve ball came when I was informed by their client that I wasn’t allowed to photograph the faces of the children who I had been sent there to shoot! The kids were all from troubled homes or were juvenile delinquents, so their anonymity was important for privacy reasons.

I quickly decided that more abstract and ‘arty’ imagery would be needed to meet this brief, so I utilised the sunny day to backlight the kids and have their faces drop out to silhouette. Tight shots, low key shots, obstruction and shadow-play were also utilised during the two shoot days, to gather the body of work needed for the brochure.

The client was extremely impressed with the solution to a tricky brief and the brochures look fantastic – props to DPI!


Mendaki-cover Mendaki-spread



Photo shoot for Lawful Rebellion

Last week I had the pleasure of art directing and shooting for a business that I truly believe in for social reasons. This is a rare treat and I was so pleased to see how ecstatic the clients were with the photography.

Lawful Rebellion is a business based on the Gold Coast, Australia, who have launched a clothing range featuring socially-conscious messages. Their mission is to encourage self-education regarding civil liberties and the self-empowerment that’s gained through shared knowledge.

This is a topic that is very dear to me

in this era of rapidly eroding civil liberties  (particularly in Australia) and I’m very happy to throw my support behind initiatives that aim to bring about positive change.

You can see the results of the photo shoot and clothing range here:


Lawful Rebellion fashion shoot 1






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-Mark Twain